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So Much to Write about So Little Time

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Everytime I start to update the site I get side tracked.  Here is a few examples.  I had an interest in reviewing the latest release from WinDev.  At the time the latest version was 20.  I download the trial which turned out to be version 19 - with serious restrictions that would make a good review difficult.  However, before I started looking at WinDev very much they released a New version - version 21.  Just can't keep up.

So I thought about a review of from - when they relased a new version.  I took a look and wasn't that impressed when lo and behold I got a look at the Beta version of a new update on the way for from - where to begin?

I have to tell you I am already loving the changes to - they are adding a bootstrap interface - which kind of lets the wind out of ASPMaker - which has had a bootstrap option for quite some time.  Is there a difference? Yes.  Both give your .net applications the Responsive feature that is all the rage, but goes one better by including multiple themes and a new look Welcome Page that creates Tiles for your menu.  A very modern look -and responsive as well.

So I am going to be busy with a lot of testing before I get back to reviewing.  Exciting times for software developers.  Stay tuned.

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