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WinDev - Alernative to SoftVelocity's Clarion?

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The current version of Clarion from is version 10 while the latest version of WinDev from PCSoft  is version 20.  The differences between these two programs are substantial.  Even a quick look a the web sites of these two companies are quite different.  I will soon be writing about some of the differences between these two programs.

I recently downloaded a demo version of WinDev - version 19.  While, to it's credit, a demonstration or trial version of WinDev is available (the download is over 1 gigabyte in size), the demo was disappointing to me for reasons I will discuss later.  SoftVelocity on the other hand does not make a trial version available for download - but not an issue for upcoming reviews, as I recently purchased a new subscription.  I was disappointed with the latest version of Clarion for different reasons.   However, I believe the lack of demo or trial version has probably cost SoftVelocity many potential customers.  The web site for SoftVelocity has never been one I considered appealing or informative. The web site for WinDev on the other hand is slick, informative and attractive.   However, at least the current version of SoftVelocity's web site is responsive (works well on a smart phone).  WinDev's web site does not have a very responsive design so if you visit on your smart phone be ready to do a lot of "pinching" and "squinting".

I think it is worth noting that many developers that used to be strong supporters of Clarion have abandonded the program - some to use WinDev and others to use Microsoft Visual Studio.  In fact, one company (DevExpress) has tools which provide developers the ability to quickly develop both desktop and web applications from the same source code.  I plan on reviewing DevExpress and their XAF framework in a future review.

Just a quick note for those that may not be familiar with either program.  SoftVelocity's Clarion will allow you to quickly create windows desktop applications.  In order to really take the generated program to the next level keep your credit card out since there is a wide range of third party tools available to enhance a Clarion application.  This is a good thing because although you can develop a solid application with Clarion in a short period of time - it will most likely need a good bit of enhancing.  More on the third party tools for Clarion in the future.

WinDev on the other hand does not have near the number of third party tools available as Clarion does - but that may not be a bad thing since WinDev includes features and capabilities out of the box that put Clarion to shame.  

Which of these two programs would get my vote?  I will have more to say about these two programs soon.  

Check back often.  

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