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After many years of writing reviews of software tools of interest to software developers I have finally changed hosting providers and am beginning to start reviews again (hopefully more often) on this new site.  I was not able to preserve old reviews so I will really be starting from scratch.

Past reviews included some tools which are either no longer available for sale, or have sales suspended.  Old reviews included IronSpeed Designer the demise of which has now caused many developers of databased web applications to look elsewhere.  For that reason some of the first reviews I plan on writing will include products like ASPMaker.NET from HKVstore.com and AspRunner.NET from Xlinesoft.com - that may be head to head face off type review.  Other products that may receive in depth reviews include DevEXpress.com products.  CodeOnTime.com may get a review.  There are a number of tools that I either currently use or have reviewed in the past that may be featured on the new site soon.

NOTE:  I have recently written a review of ASPRunner.net and will soon be writing about ASPMaker.net - however, I have recently been remembering the "old days" of dBase and Clipper.  I wonder if any visitors to this site are old enough to remember those classics?  Well dBase is still around and trying to make a comeback.  I have to admit I had used Visual dBase some time ago and kind of liked it.  Recently I received an email about version 10.3 and took a look.  While it seems a lot has changed - the look and feel of a new dBase application does not look a lot to different.  I am still considering a review of that product by dBase LLC in the future.  However, I remembered long ago another product that used .dbf files I visited their web site - http://www.alaska-software.com/ and have also put that program on my list.  There are a still lot of programs on my list for upcoming reviews.

The reviews I plan for this site will not be short blurbs. I won't put the programs under a microscope but I will be providing a good bit of information with the goal of being more helpful in providing information to developers who may be considering adding to their software development tool kit.

I plan on including pretty substantial reviews and include videos and for some tools, I may include demonstration apps online or for download.  

Application Developers, feel free to click here to email the Editor - you can write to me about products you would like to see reviewed, questions about products I use or have used, and so on.  

I will also be occasionally posting Press Releases of interest to Application Developers on this site.

I may at some point add the option for Tool Developers to advertise on this site.  If yous are a company interested in advertising on this site, or submitting a program for review, then click here to send me an email.

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